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Massey Lee

ETS2 This month Total
Driven Distance 2 070 km 702 587 km
Total Deliveries 5 1 381

ATS This month Total
Driven Distance 0 mi 82 550 mi
Total Deliveries 0 230
1) You Use VTC paint scheme
2) Players with a poor ping stay to the back of the convoy
3) No trolling other player
4) All ways stay in convoy
5) Be nice to other in the vtc
6) All ways have truckbook open to log in miles
7) We only do real mile witch is under 62mph/
8) please join our discord once joining to keep up to date with convoys and meet new people thanks

discord link

Please Note: You will be kicked after 2 months of inactivity (If you haven't spoken on the Discord manager or logged jobs on Trucksbook). However, if you require more than 2 months off then you can message the staff team and that can be arranged.