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D Scott Haulage

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Looking for a Virtual Trucking Company?
Well look no further...
Here at D Scott haulage we welcome drivers of all ages and abilities.
We like to be semi realistic in how we operate but acknowledge that it is a game, real life comes first so there are no monthly minimum mileage requirements.

We have a constantly expanding fleet of trucks and trailers with our livery on that we can provide you with, however, you don't have to use it. When you drive for us you can drive whatever truck you like and make it look however you like.
We all enjoy the game in different ways and there is no judgement from us on that part.

We also aim to have weekly convoys.

As a new driver you will start with a small selection of skins which will increase the more time you spend with us, after around a month you should have full access to all VTC mods.

We have no age limit, although a certain level of maturity is expected from all.
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
In our company we have 3 very basic rules.

1. Just be kind

We expect all of our drivers to be kind and respectful to ALL other members of the community. Not only do you represent yourselves but also Dave and the company.

Trash talking drivers and companies or slating how others build their trucks is simply not allowed, it is a game and everyone should enjoy it however they choose, and remember everyone has different tastes.

2. Paid mods

There is a strict policy of absolutely no sharing,trading or reselling of paid mods, that also extends to seeking to obtain paid mods for free by asking for them.

The VTC has a good relationship with some highly respected mod creators and we aim to keep it that way. If any of the above behaviour is brought to our attention, with evidence, then it will result in instant dismissal from the company.

If there is any question of doubt over ownership of a paid mod you may be asked to provide proof of purchase, failure to do so may also result in dismissal.

3. Speed

Due to using trucksbook and trucky job trackers we request that our drivers only submit "real" jobs.
This means keeping your speed below 100km/h (62mph)

We are aware mistakes do happen and we allow for that but repeated race jobs will result in an initial warning, repeated offences with mean you are asked to not use the job trackers, however you are permitted to remain in the company.

Refusal to adhere to that request will result in complete removal from the company.

Aside from these rules there are no others. Drive whatever truck you wish and built it how you like. You can also do any load, we do not tell you what to do and we expect you to drive as much or as little as you want.

This is a game and it is there to be enjoyed. As long as you're having fun then we're happy.

***If you send an application through here we are of the understanding that you have read and agree to these rules ***