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ETS2 This month Total
Driven distance 4 292 km 1 321 076 km
Total Deliveries 5 1 423

ATS This month Total
Driven distance 3 728 mi 536 609 mi
Total Deliveries 4 759
Hoek International (now Brandhoff B.V.)
Employee, Dispatcher and Representative
From 18/10/'20 up to 20/01/'21

JH Enterprise
From 21/01/'21 up to 31/03/'21

DAF Cargo Service
Employee and Dispatcher
From 31/03/'21 up to 14/07/'21

Road Train International (fmr H&J Road Express)
From 14/07/'21 up to 30/01/'22

BVAR Trucking
From 31/01/'22 up to 20/05/'22

Diamond Transport International (fmr Red Diamond Transport)
Manager and Representative
From 22/05/'22 up to ...

I'm playing ETS2 since Nov. '14. Since Jan. '18 I started playing TruckersMP. In May of that same year I've added WorldofTrucks to it. I began my TrucksBook/VTC career in Oct. '20. In Nov. I bought ATS. In Jan. '21 I started playing ProMods. In Apr. '21 I've started playing ProMods for ATS as well. Mid Sept. '21 H&J Road Express morphed into: Road Train International... Red Diamond Transport morphed into Diamond Transport International at the end of September/beginning of October '22...

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