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Welcome to BVAR Trucking VTC. We are a rapidly growing VTC based in the UK and going international. We have dedicated drivers on both Promods and Truckersmp with rules to abide by!

Applications to Join BVAR Trucking

If you would like to join a rising star in the truckersmp community For more information please head to
How to apply with us through trucksbook
Loginin to Trucksbook or create an account and login
Press the "Apply" tab on the top right corner of the website.
Fill out the information. Including your age. To reduce waiting times to be accepted.
Then management will look at your application within 48 hours.
You MUST be on the discord after you have been approved so we can get in contact with you and add you to the relevant roles.
If you require further information please contact any of the management team

VTC Info:

Company Rules
Limit 805 km
ETS2 Limit 805 km
ATS Limit 500 mi
We prefer that all VTC Members do real miles (62MPH/100KPH, ETS and 80 MPH/130KPH ATS). We will allow race miles please do as few as possible and no more than 50% of jobs per Month.
All members of the VTC must do the 500 real miles every month on either ETS 2 or ATS. Trainee Drivers will be dismissed if they do not do the 500 real miles each month. As a Management tool we use the following to check for inactivity, “If you do not log miles for 3 months in a row, you will be considered as inactive and dismissed from the VTC. After 2 months of inactivity you will be messaged once to warn you of imminent dismissal. You will not be allowed to reapply to the VTC for 2 months after this type of dismissal.”
Upon approval of your application you will under go a 2 month trainee period.
Please ensure that you have BVAR Trucking tag enabled at all times in Truckers MP unless approved in advance by BVAR Trucking Management.
Disrespectful behaviour towards any players/moderators in Truckers MP will not be tolerated always drive within the Trucker MP rules.
Any rule breaking can result in dismissal from the VTC.
Make sure that your TruckersMP name corresponds or somewhat close to what your name is on trucksbook and discord.
You Must Be 17+ To Join The VTC
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