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Prime Transport [UK]

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Company Description
Prime Transport has a variety of different trucks including Volvo's, Scania's MAN's, Merc's, Kenworths, Peterbilt's, and so on. All of these trucks show off our wonderful blue and red livery which allows the trucks to stand out on the roads while hauling your goods across Europe or on the other side of the pond in America. We haul a ray of different goods from your 24T gas pipes to your 3T of Pot Flowers and your 10T of cars, we can also cater for all of your heavy haulage needs. We also contain the best fleet for single-player which contains the standard SCS trucks which are supported by all mods for the trucks. We have also added some new modded trucks to our fleet which will be available to view soon on our website.

Prime Transport is apart of the Prime VC Gaming Group
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
No abuse to any member or you will be removed from the company

If you play on MP you must ensure that you follow all TMP rules at all times.

Please ensure that if you use MP that you are joined to the MP VTC on TMP:

Keep to under 62mph
Must be TeamSpeak active
No minimum logging but please be active
Drivers with a History of VTC hopping will not be taken on.
Company Skins held are the property of the VTC, as such are licensed for VTC use only, and therefore subject to Copyright. They are not transferable, nor may they be passed on to anyone else other than Company Officials. By applying you accept that Prime Transport may take reference from any other Company in relation to past history.
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