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Welcome to Massey Lee Gaming Logistic ! We are a trucking company that love trucking
Here you will find a collective of independent drivers that have come together to form a trucking community focused on a positive gaming experience. We are here to have a laugh and support each other. A good sense of humour is mandatory and NO drama is allowed!

Here is a link for you to join our dvtc discord
Company Rules
Limit 161 km
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 8 851 km
American Truck Simulator Limit 2 500 mi
VTC Rules:
1) you Must speak English
2] you must join our vtc discord so you can join in with the convoys and with can communicate with you
3) Only log Real Miles (Under 100km/h), this category is the main focus of the VTC for world ranking. We do not participate in race miles rankings!
4) Please use the VTC paint scheme when participating in Company Convoy's
5) Obey the rules of the road/Truckers MP
6) If driving under the VTC name/paint scheme in other companies convoy's, please be respectful and obey that company's rules
7] you must be 13 and over to join and must interested in joining
8]you must have truck open at all times

Convoy Rules:
1) Use VTC paint scheme
2) Players with no trailer stay to the back of the convoy
3) Players with a poor ping stay to the back of the convoy
4) No Trolling

Break any of the above rules and you risk being removed from the company