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[FLVTC] BoBo304

ETS2 This month Total
Driven Distance 5 285 km 785 801 km
Total Deliveries 8 781

ATS This month Total
Driven Distance 2 575 mi 92 902 mi
Total Deliveries 16 305
Howdy! I'm a young truck sim player from Indonesia.

Do you have good taste for old-school truck style? I do! Well, kinda :p

This is my private Peterbilt truck, I'm trying to make it looks like the same truck on the intro of Resident Evil 2 :D what a nice truck she is

This is one of my truck too, in the tribute of 18 Wheels of Steel: Hard Truck event from World of Trucks

My usual working trucks are Scania S and Mack Anthem

I do love 2000's rock music like Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, etc. I usually listen to them while driving on the road. And as you know from my profile picture. I'm a pony lover :D I do love to hear some pony music, well... Just the original ones, mostly EG music.

Alongside truck lover, I do love to see some trains, mostly to the GE/EMD built engines.

That's all from me, I guess... Also, you can add me on discord Lousy Candy Agent#0344
Anyway, you can visit my Flickr account where I share my screenshots :D

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