Job Details #49378564

Standard job Automatic parking ETS2
Delivery information
From ru Санкт-Петербург (St. Petersburg)
To se Västerås
Initial company
Target company
Cargo Garlic
Weight 12 385 kg
Planned distance 956 km
Driven distance 1 536 km
Accepted distance 1 195 km
Profit 21 287 €
Offences 8 240 €
XP 2 063 XP
Damage 0 %
Time remaining (in-game) 107h 38m
Time taken (in-game) 25h 42m
Time taken (real) 1h 26m 9s
Truck Iveco Stralis
Truck's license plate
Trailer's license plate
DU JM 735
Average consumption 43.4 l/100 km
Refueled 3 720.0 l
Fuel cost 5 568 €
Maximal reached speed 101 kph
Server time
Local time
Route tracking
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0 km
fall 0 kph
0 %
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