Wednesday Public Convoy with Da Bears

Euro Truck Simulator 2
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**ETS2 Public Convoy - ETS2 Arcade**

Wednesday, June 30th
Time: 12:00 pm CST / 6 pm GMT+1

What time is it for you?

Start: St. Petersburg (Petersburg on Trucky)
★ First Leg – St. Petersburg to Lublin
★ Second Leg – Lublin to Lasi
★ Third Leg – Lasi to Istanbul

– Standard GPS
– Cargo: Forklift or Light Load
– Speed: Front Truck 90 kmh max

Route Details and Pics can be found here:

Join The Bear's Den Discord here:

Convoy guest are welcome to join the "Waiting Room" voice channel in The Bear's Den discord and we will bring you into the ETS2 Convoy voice channel.

Convoy Rules:
*No pilots or bobtails (MUST have loaded trailer).
*No passing unless slower trucks in front of you (fill gap).
*PLEASE let us know if you are passing (Sim Server).
*Non Speeding / Real miles

In The Bear's Den Discord:
*Find out more about Convoys!
*Adults only voice channels (18+).
*Be respectful others may be streaming.
*Keep it fun and positive.
*No road rage or anger / raising voice.
*Be respectful of all other VTC's.
There are no job offers available for this convoy.
Participants 7