Rest easy Morris by Precision Transport.

American Truck Simulator
[US] Simulation
Hey Drivers, Precision Transport is hosting a convoy to honor a beloved friend and driver James Morris (themorriss35) passing away June 11th, 2021.

No heavy loads, external loads and no triples

Meetup: Tucumcari - Large truck stop before the city or look for details below.

Destination: Medford - Walbert

Meetup: 5PM EST
Roll out: 6PM EST

Please be 15-30 minutes early to get fuel/route as we are leaving right at 6PM.


40-25-10-5. We will be have 1 stop in Bakersfield 58 & 5

Trip - 1810 Miles

If you are attending this convoy to keep the coms clear on CB we ask that you join our discord as a community member. Thanks

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