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The company was dissolved!

IKESPAW'S Transport/Owner Operators

Company Management
Company Description
Company Rules
This should be a fun place to be. If we all follow a few simple rules it can be.
Be respectful
Don’t talk over each other(edited)
Please don't be rude to other drivers in the channel's
No online dating in the Discord Channel Please keep your personal stuff to yourself.
If you leave this company you can not approach no other drivers to join your company.
No follow language in the the streaming channel unless its a 18 plus streaming channel.
No Burping or disgusting noises over the mic when talking. We are all adults and we should act our age.
No asking about being admins or higher ranks . Please Follow Truckers Mp Rules.

We are Looking for drivers that are age 18 and above. We would like drivers to do Real miles not race miles. We are a buch of older guys in here that like to have fun and make knew friends.

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 5 000 mi
Real + Race