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Grampian Continental group 2020

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Grampian Vtc


1) Trial driver 5k start with
2) Drivers Target 10k pcm
3) Elite Drivers Target 20k pcm
4) Discord
5) Trucksbook

Other rules

1. No Bullying
2. No foul Language
3. Must at all times carry Company Colours.on mp
4. Must have MP tag like this (excluding brackets):
[Grampian VTC]
5. Must obey Convoy Manager in convoys.
6. Max speed 62mph ETS.
7. On Convoys please try to keep the channel free for all.
Other additions will be added time to time.
8. NO background audio when on Convoy. Use PTT.
9 Streamers: All streamers must carry a banner stating the following: G.C.VTC

Grampian Continental group 2020 please note we are only accepting Drivers with a good history of miles on there record

1. Please leave your Trucksbook running when you are playing ETS or ATS
2. Must do at least 1000 MILES a month
3. Stay Under 62 MPH on ETS2 And 80 MPH on ATS
Company Rules
Limit 16 093 km
ETS2 Limit 16 093 km
ATS Limit 10 000 mi