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German Pride Transport

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German Pride Trans is a Global company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our US headquarters is in Knoxville, TN. German Pride ships all assortments of loads to all of the lower 48 states, Mexico & Canada. As well as all of continental Europe, UK & Ireland. Our US yards are the main home office of Knoxville, TN as well as Fort Collins, CO (Metro Denver). Canadian yard is located in Surrey, BC (Metro Vancouver Canada). European Yards Munich & Berlin, Germany. We are a owner op company only so therefore you may be based in any city or State/ Province in the US & Canada. ETS2 drivers must be based within Germany. You may run any truck of your choice no restrictions. I currently have skins for most trucks and refer/ dryvan trailers on ATS but are working on getting more as well as some for ETS. All ATS TRUCKS MUST MEET California clean idle certification!!!!!!!!!!! We have a discord channel link is in description.
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There are no millage requirements we just ask that you stay reasonably active. There are no required mods or maps but Coast to coast for ats as well as PROMODS Canada & ETS is highly recommended. Same for all state and country DLC'S are not required but are recommended. Real drivers or anyone with trucking experience in any form are wanted but not required anyone may join regardless of experience. All drivers are required to abide by local & international driving ordinates. Again being a ATS & ETS VTC ATS you can be based in any US state or Canadian Province. As far as ETS Drivers we ask you to be based anywhere within Germany. Toxic attitude towards other drivers or other VTC's is not tolerated. VTC hopping or belonging to multiple VTC'S is not tolerated you will be terminated. Profile checks will be done to make sure we know who we are hiring on NO EXCEPTIONS!! Speaking English is required, realistic driving is required no driving on the wrong side of the road excessive speeding or driving in a reckless behavior is allowed and will result in a termination. We want to make it perfectly clear we are about being realistic not silly or childish. This VTC is about being as much like a real truck company as possible. We want this to be a fun laid back yet realistic VTC and to find ATS/ETS2 trucking enthusiasts who share the passion for not only trucks and trucking but simulation world as whole. If you would like more details inquire within. ANY EUROPEAN TRUCKING EXPERIENCE IS WANTED!!!!! Being the owner i am American i am only familiar with US Canadian trucking laws and rules and am not fully up on European rules and laws so anything will help is HIGHLY WANTED!!! YOU MUST BE 18!!!!!!!!!!!
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