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Diamond Elite Transport INC.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 ETS2
American Truck Simulator ATS
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IF YOU AIN'T SHININ YOU AIN'T DIAMOND is our motto. We here at Diamond Elite give everyone a chance to prove to us that they can Shine Bright. We will do everything we can to help you grow within Diamond Elite. All of our members have heart and determination. Our members are the best of the best. We wear our tags proudly and we know that we, together, are Shinin Bright!

Diamond Elite Transport INC. is not a competitive company. We are a community of members who just enjoy playing ATS and Truckersmp. If you are interested in having fun and running with a big happy family, we are for you. We have a close group of people. If you come in here and start drama you will be immediately kicked out the door. No hard feelings. This Company is founded by 2 individuals. These individuals are Yoth and Cowboy. They run the show with the help of a select few.

Here at Diamond Elite Transport INC. our drivers are all owner operators. We are a community that loves to get to know new people, hang out, and play many games. Although our focus is on real miles with ATS we play a variety of other games together. In addition to weekly trucking convoys we also attend truck shows, TMP and SCS events, and often other VTC's events.

Our Team Management are the best of people. They have great personalities and are very friendly and helpful. They are here to lead Diamond Elite down the right path. They enforce Diamond Elites rules and regulations. They lead our convoys, lead by example, and manage Diamond Elite Driver's day to day operations. Please listen and respect our team management as they are management for a reason.


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Company Rules
No limit
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 6 000 mi
1. Respect and follow all guidelines put forth by TruckersMP.
2. Be kind and courteous towards everyone.
3. Respect everybody's opinions and decisions, even if you disagree with them.
4. Do not use racial slurs nor say anything that may be taken offensive to others. (includes your name, status, and profile picture)
5. Do not speak over others.
6. Never retaliate against blockers, rammers, insulters, etc.
7. Report any drivers who break the rules.(Optional)
8. Spamming or advertising of any kind is not allowed.
9. No posting suspicious links in our chats or over DMs.
10. Do not post in the wrong sections, always check before posting somewhere.
11. Tagging is allowed we are here to help.
12. Drama will not be tolerated, anybody who starts it will be kicked.
13. Harassing or flirting is tolerated in a sarcastic way.
14. English only in all components of this VTC.
15. If you have any problems with someone, report it to Management.

- Be able to write, speak, and understand English (some exceptions).
- Must be at least 16 years of age (possible exceptions).
- A microphone is preferred, but not required.
- Must have around 100 hours on ATS.
- Must abide by TruckersMP rules and drive responsibly.
- Not be in another VTC at the time of applying.
- Must be willing to use TrucksBook and log 10,000 miles per month on ATS.
- Must be willing to represent the VTC in tag/paint color at all times.
- No more than 3 active bans within the last year.
- TMP history must be publicly viewable (for application purposes only).

If you agree to the above and are still interested in joining our VTC, please apply here to get started.


Lastly, Come prepared to vibe out.
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