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Himalayan Logistics

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Delivering right from the Himalayas!

The fostering friendship between the Nepalese and Indian trucking communities eventually led to the idea of creating something new. A trucking community of our own where members can grow, discover, learn and thrive to outdo themselves in order to give something in return to the incredible family of TMP. We are the people of the Himalayas, with a target set to achieve and our will as mighty as the mountains.

Himalayan Logistics is a place where people can drive without any restrictions. We do not set any monthly target, or force anyone to drive under a speed limit. Although, we do drive under a certain speed, we never force anyone to drive at that speed, unless it is an official convoy.

Here in Himalayan Logistics, members are required to get enrolled in TruckersMP and TrucksBook but are free to choose either, both or none of the other two leader boards (VTLog & World of Haulers) we compete on.

Despite of being a no-restriction company, we still need some set of rules for the recruitment process, to make sure that we are able to maintain the balance.

- A friendly person who is willing to become actively involved.
- Respectful and helpful towards everyone.
- Should be able to communicate in English.
- Able to attend at-least one convoy in a month.
- Must be 13 years or older.
- Access to Discord so that you can join our server.
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