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Euro Truck Simulator 2 ETS2
American Truck Simulator ATS
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Welcome to our VTC Coast to Coast Haulage. We are really happy that you have decided to pick us as your VTC and we will go above and beyond to make sure you feel part of the Coast to Coast firm. We are a small friendly VTC based in the United Kingdom, but we employ drivers from all over the world.
Coast to Coast Haulage started as a VTC in January 2022, when we took over AOT Logistics under our new management team.

As a VTC we are open to any drivers world wide who can speak english. We have a number of diffrent driver positions within our VTC to suit the way you drive and how often, and we offer a number of diffrent benefits and rewards to our drivers based on what level of driver you are and how many miles you do.
Any new driver joining our VTC will start on a trial period to see how they fit in within the VTC and our other drivers. Once you have completed the trial period and decide to stay with us, you will then be promoted to one of our a new driver position and be able to start earning the benifits and rewards we offer.

We use Trucksbook to log all our jobs on ETS2 & ATS so once you've downloaded the client, you'll never have to worry about logs again. We take the hassle out of doing what you do best. Driving. The companies main goal is to take the worry out of haulage. We move all loads and have drivers equipped with a wide range of vehicles to cope with the smallest to the largest of loads.
It's really helpful for us if your username in Trucksbook matches your username in the discord. Makes checking logs a lot easier if we're looking for one name for one person. Many thanks.

At Coast to Coast Haulage we strongly beleave that you drive and play the way you want in our VTC.
Company Rules
Limit 8 047 km
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 8 047 km
American Truck Simulator Limit 5 000 mi

1. We are a ETS2 & ATS company, but our main focus is ETS2.

2. You must own a legal copy of ETS2 or ATS

3. Please stick under 60 mph / 96 kmh on ETS2 & 78 mph / 125 kmh on ATS (otherwise
your journey will not count to the company total)

4. 5,000 miles as a full time driver per month, 2,500 miles as a part time driver per
month. These can be built up by driving on ETS2, ATS or combined from both.

5. No Bullying or hate

6. You must be aged 16 or older

7. Have a good grasp of English. Spoken and written

8. Sharing or manipulation of Company skins or logo is forbidden

9. Being a driver of another VTC is not permitted whilst being a driver here, on any of
the available logging systems for ETS2 & ATS

10. All drivers must use the company colours and tag when driving on TMP or in Convoy

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