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King Womble Logistics

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Company Description
KWL for all the massive Cock Wombles out there!!!

You all are welcome no restrictions on trucks all we ask is that you use the colour scheme but on any truck you like.

We have a convoy every Saturday at 8pm and sporadic meetings during the week

If TMP is not your thing you can still join and get your miles in on single player as they all count

or even with us on the 1.41 convoy update

We also run monthly competitions for most miles and Most attendance to convoys.

Our convoys are streamed on twitch
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
1. Please can we not use any xp or money mods in game while your Trucksbooks profile is open and putting miles in for the company.
2. Disrespectful behavior towards any players/moderators in Truckers MP will not be tolerated always drive within the Trucker MP rules.
3. You are only allowed to reapply to the VTC on 2 occasions.
4. Please ensure that you have KWL Trucking tag enabled when representing the VTC in Truckers MP.
5. Any rule breaking can result in dismissal from the VTC.
6. To gain access to any company skins, 5,000 regular miles (not speed miles) must be logged first.
7. When you have joined the company, please join our discord server so we can communicate and show you events such as convoys. If you don't then we'll have no option but to kick you from the company.
8.If your are inactive for 2 consecutive month’s you will be Dismissed, If you don’t want to be and there is a reason for not putting any miles in please let a KWL Admin know and we will keep you in, if not you will be dismissed and will need to reapply

but most of all enjoy your self
KWL Admin
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