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The Hoard of Haulers

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The Hoard of Haulers

The Hoard of Haulers is a VTC that is open to everyone of all ages however, it would be prefered that mature (16+) players to play on Truckers MP and the less mature to be on single player unless if we are hosting an event on a multiplayer server.

We are hoping to go from being a small VTC to growing to our full potential which of course we cannot do without you, so apply today!

This VTC will be mainly focussed on ETS2, we accept real miles and race miles.

There will be Steam keys for games given out for the most combined miles (real + speed miles), there'll be another prize for the most amount of real miles but no prize for speed miles due to a lack of participants at this moment in time.
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit

1. Truckers MP rules.

2. If you cannot handle doing high speeds then DO NOT DO IT (a 2 strike system will be in place).

3. There is no limit on the milage you do for a job, so you can do short or small so long as you abide by the rules above.

4. Discrimination as a whole will not be tolerated within the Discord and within the game itself.

Anyone found to be breaking the rules above, you will be asked by the Management Team as to why and what punishment will be handed out, if any.

Dependant on what happened and the evidence given, then you may be removed from the company and Discord without warning.

You may use Promods, multiplayer, single player to complete jobs for the VTC.

Rules for convoys

All members are to use the VTC colour scheme as set out within the Discord and set the tag on multiplayer to: HOH
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