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The company was dissolved!


Company Management
Chris Heins Founder
Company Description
Welcome to PRESTIGE LOGISTICS USA! If you are interested in joining us please come join our discord and speak with one of our representatives.

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit

* 18+
* USA/Canada
* English
* ATS Game
* Truckers MP
* World Of Trucks
* Discord Account
* Trucksbook Client
* Good Working Microphone
* Discord Status Left On Default
* Complete Probational Period
* Matching Usernames (TruckersMp, World Of Trucks, Discord & Trucksbook)

Discord Rules

* Be Respectful
* No Politics or Racism
* No Sexual Harassment
* Be active and engage in discord activity
* No Talking Over Others In Voice Channels
* Always post in designated channels (Pictures only in Pictures channel & Ect)

Game Rules

* No Reckless Driving
* Maximum speed 80 MPH (Real Miles)
* Maximum Speed 70 MPH In Company Convoys
* Company Trucks Mandataory In Company Convoys
* No Poaching/Recruiting Drivers From Other Companys
* Be active In Game and Make a effort to attend Company Convoys & Events
* TruckersMP Gamer Tag (Prestige Position) in Red (R-249 G-0 B-0)
* While In Multiplayer Follow All TruckersMP Rules

Disciplinary Actions

* 1st Offence Written Warning
* 2nd Offence Written Warning
* 3rd Offence Automatic Termination