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Fleeger Farm Transport

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 ETS2
American Truck Simulator ATS
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Company Description
We are an easy going life first type of company. No drama and all fun. We want to build a friendly amd respectful community for the drivers. If you cant play all the time np as life is first play time is second. Then this is the company for you.
Company Rules
Limit 7 000 km
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 6 000 km
Real + Race
American Truck Simulator Limit 20 000 mi
Real + Race
Main Rules->

1) VTLog and/or TrucksBook MUST be used.

2) You must drive with care and consideration.

3) Be kind and respect others

4) Please use our company colors on all jobs. We run the classic paint jobs pack on ATS MP will find link below and in fleeger farm info or if running in convoy with TRMM we run the forest green pinstripe pete 389. Pics in Fleeger Farm Info and TRMM Info.

5) Obey rules of the roads (65->77 max top speed unless noted)

6) Most of all HAVE FUN


1) No Ramming

2) No Blocking

3) No Brake Checking

4) Respect other players

5) Keep CB chat clean

6) Must use gaming tag of ‘FFT or Fleeger Farm" in front of your name on the
TMP account system.

7) Stay Back 500ft to allow for lag, Don’t get to close

8) Please keep in mind these rules only reflect some of the MP rules so be sure to follow the MP server rules from TruckersMP and you will be fine


1) No overtaking vehicles unless directed to do so

2) Keep a safe distance of somewhere around 500ft for lag

3) If you must hit F7 for repair please let us know where you are at so we can either wait for you or find a meeting place for you to rejoin

4) If you join another convoy or show of another company remember it is their show and convoy, so their rules.

If you decide to join us have fun and keep the shiny side up
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