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Night Stalker LLC [HIRING]

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Company Description
--NOW HIRING-- 18 +

Welcome to Night Stalkers LLC! We are a premiere trucking company that only logs [Real] miles. We are a growing community that offers more then just trucking. We are here to have fun, let loose, and truck! Please note to set "Speed limiter warning" at 78 MPH within the Trucksbook client. We are a English speaking community, but all are welcome.

2 types of drivers within company:

1. Full Time Driver: 3,000 miles minimum
2. Part Time Driver: 1,500 miles minimum -Must apply to company owner-

Night Stalkers LLC are looking for other ATS Companies to share a friendly Partnership with.

Rules will follow as below:

1. Obey Truckers MP rules at all times.

2. Be respectful to all truckers and company personnel at all times.

3. Speed limit within company is 78 mph. --too be followed at all times --

4. Anyone found driving recklessly on Truckers MP will receive 1 warning; Second offense is a dismissal from the company!

5. Rules of the road as follows; if in town and there is more the 1 trucker at the intersection, you must stop and give right-away.

6. ABSOLUTELY ZERO POACHING FROM OTHER TRUCKING COMPANIES. - If found doing so. Violator with be dishonorably dismissed from company.

Company uses these resources and are currently required:
1.Truckers MP
2. client
3. Pro mods Canada
4. Map DLC's are optional, but recommended.
5. TS S Editor or Similiar program.
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 3 000 mi
Real + Race
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