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SCANIA MAFIA was created early 2020 and brings together driving/trucking enthusiasts wanting that little more out of ETS2

If driving in convoys and having a laugh on Teamspeak with a Smoke & A Ice Cold Monster sounds fun to you then hit the apply button & Join The United Kingdom's Biggest Trucking Company Dont Miss Out !.

As a VTC "Virtual Trucking Company" we operate as one would in real life, all our deliveries are tracked and recorded, all that information is then gathered and league tables are updated. As a VTC we are in competition with over 3000 other virtual companies using the same recording software we do ie Trucks book.

Trucks book is very easy to setup and once installed the client will happily just sit in your tray and track any delivery you do within ETS2 or ATS (if setup on ATS)

So put your miles to good use and dont delay and Join Us Today!

We Hope To See You Within The Convoys..

Lets Do Some Deliverys Boyz

-Don't Ask For Roles
-You Must Do At least 15.000 Miles Per Month
-Your Speed Limiter MUST Be On While Doing <
-Roles Are Reward to active employees
-Do not go above 56 MPH (90 KPH)
-Respect all the staff & drivers
-Good communication with other drivers and when in convoys
-Do not overtake in convoy's and listen to instruction when asked.
-no swearing
-no spamming
-if you have any problems please talk to me of any other member of staff please
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 24 140 km
Real + Race
American Truck Simulator No limit