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LadyBear Trucking

Company Management
LadyBear owner
MIQQA manager
FuzzKnuckle representative
CannonBall representative
Karistonya representative
voodoo6761 dispatcher
Southern Angel dispatcher
Joshua Tome dispatcher
American Vet. dispatcher
Southern Bear dispatcher
Orton77709 dispatcher
Valdir Littig dispatcher
VTGlazier420 dispatcher
Armygamer90 dispatcher
Squishy 320 dispatcher
Dr_KiLLiNiT dispatcher
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Overview - ETS2
American Truck Simulator Overview - ATS
ATS Award TOP km - March 2020
ATS Award TOP km - February 2020
Company Description

LadyBear Trucking

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit

Everyone welcome to join!!!
No applications denied.

One company Rule.
Follow TruckerMP Rules.

Hope to see you in "The Bear's Den" Discord!

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