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JGB Transport

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Company Description
Based in Aberdeen Scotland we serve the oil and construction and farming industry's covering all of Europe and beyond .With our dedicated team of drivers and office staff we can fulfill any needs you have
With our team of drivers dispatched daily we know we can carry the goods to your door step

We are currently looking for professional drivers to be dispatched on a daily basis driving a Mercedes truck that is set up to work on and off road ( show pones needs not apply )

As of march the 1st 2020 we now have a deport in Seattle Washington state to cover your needs in north America with our fleet of brand new Kenworths T680

JGB Transport is ran as a partnership with 100% team work and respect to our self's and others
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 1 500 km
American Truck Simulator No limit
We do not need show trucks as we are a working company not all flash no cash
Keep speed below 95 KMH at all time
Be professional and polite at all times
Use the dispatched jobs given
Use truck issued to you
When driving in America abide by state laws
Always work as a team
Show respect to everyone on the road