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Port Lincoln Trucking

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Port Lincoln Trucking
What we do:
ATS- dryvan, Refrigerated and container haulage in TMP, with single player being what ever cargo you haul.

ETS2 - Container haulage in TMP, with Single Player being what ever cargo you wish to carry.

if you wish to join and make Port Lincoln, please feel free to drop an application and follow the rules listed in the company dossier.
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
Rules: aka the 10 commandments
1: Be respectful to other road users.

2: if you get a 1 month history ban, you may be asked to leave the company, if you get banned permanently you WILL be asked to leave the company.

3: Truckers Multiplayer DO NOT USE THE CALAIS to DUISBURG road or Kirkenes quarry road.

4: Truckers Multiplayer: Speed limits for the company are as follows:
(60) Km/h on single carriage way roads
(80) Km/h on motorways
(90) Km/h on UK motorways

5: You are allowed to travel in other company convoys but respect their rules and code of conduct.

6: Obey all traffic lights and road signs in TMP.

7: No bullying of other members, if you show members disrespect you will be warned, and if it happens a second time you will be asked to leave the company.

8: If you take part in an official TMP organised convoy, obey instructions of the TMP Staff, you are representing not just yourself but Port Lincoln Trucking

9: please no 8x4s on general cargo, No Save-edited trucks.

10: You must have the ability to record your TMP gameplay.
Thats the rules out of the way, although they sound harsh, they should form the basis for a good experience on the road. Chat will be done using the in-game CB until I get the discord sorted out. messages will be posted here
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