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TXG Transport

Company Management
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Monthly Statistics - ETS2
American Truck Simulator Monthly Statistics - ATS
Company Description
Hey guys and girls, welcome to TXG Transport. We play both Ats and Ets2 so no one misses out. At TXG Transport we insure a friendly environment for fun and enjoyable vtc trucking.


Founder: TylerXnetGaming

General Manager: Mr L Gaming

Driver Manager: Mick Gaming

Event Organiser : Stepqen and Maxi Boi

VTC Representative: Killer Bunny

Dispatcher: Pro Gaming Dan

TXG DRIVERS : Open to anyone

New Driver : This role is given to new drivers for 2 weeks and then they are given the TXG drivers role.

Rules of TXG Transport

Discord Rules
1 - No Swearing ( try to keep it to a minimum )
2 - No Spamming
3 - Keep caps to minimum use
4 - Be Respectful to Everyone from Members to Staff
5 - No advertising other Discord Servers unless asked for permission first, and gotten a positive answer or will be delete.
6 - Absolutely no prejudice against anyone
7 - No drama
8 - No Racism, Sexism or Politics
9 - We DO NOT accept trolls, VTC hoppers or time wasters!
10 - If you leave 3 times you will not be allowed back into the vtc
11 - Inappropriate names or logos are not tolerated.
12 - Do not argue with staff. If you told to stop you stop. If you have a problem please contact a staff member.

Truckers MP
1 - Follow all Truckers MP rules
2 - Be nice to other people in-game
Most important rule - Have Fun :)
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 5 000 km
American Truck Simulator Limit 3 107 mi
List of employees [19]