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Håndværkerne Transport

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Company Description
Håndværkerne Transport in specialized in being faster the Postnord

We are the new kid on the block but that do not stop our nice CEO and management plus our drivers to push on to be the best in the business in Europe

If you are intrested in a job working for the new and upcoming HAVK Trans then read the rules and join our discord, after that make an application and be ready for one heck of a job that you will 100% enjoy

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Company Rules
No limit
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 3 000 km
American Truck Simulator No limit
- Speeding excessively is strictly prohibited, and if caught, will result in your one in three warnings, which will put you at risk of losing access to VTC Services.

- Reckless/dangerous driving, speeding, and ramming on multiplayer when using our livery, name, tag, or any other form of branding is a serious offence. You will be given your one, and only, warning if caught.

- You must submit a minimum of 3,000 km each month to maintain your position within the company.

- If you submit more than 3 jobs in "Race" pace then your position at the company may be at risk. To prevent this happening make sure you only reach a maximum speed of 99 kph, if you have any trubles with the pace then use trucksbook function to warn when exceeding set pace.

- Offences on the job over 1000 euros a month will risk your position in the company because we dont support "racing" on the open road, wrong way driving or running red lights.

- HAVK is only operating on Euro Truck Simulator 2
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