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Jackson Xpress

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Company Description
Jackson Xpress

* We are a REAL miles only VTC.
* MUST join the company discord posted below.
* Must follow the rules of the company posted.
* You can find them here and in the discord too.

Convoys will be on TBA on our Discord Server:

Questions & Concerns: Contact
* Owner
* Co-Owner
* Head of Security
* Admin on our Discord Server
* Management on our Discord Server

* Must be added to our Discord Server.
* Mic Required.
* Company colors are required for convoys.
* Must have one truck blue and black for convoys other then that it is your choice.
* No reckless driving(driving on wrong side or trolling other drivers).
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 3 000 mi
General Rules:
* English- Based VTC.
* No Speeding (80+ MPH)
* DO NOT pass lead truck

Code of Conduct:
* No Drama
* No Disrespect
* DO NOT use the n word(0% Tolerance)
* DO NOT use the r word(retard)(0% Tolerance)
* DO NOT use the Gd word(god damn)
* DO NOT use any form of disrespect

Standard Company Policies:
* If you're 15 MPH or more under the posted speed limit, you are REQUIRED to have hazard lights (4 way lights) on til you get back up to speed.
* 18+ Drivers are to book 3000 miles min.
* Jr. Drivers are to book 1500 miles min.
* If you can't book the miles, talk to management about getting a L.O.A. til you can come back.
* If you do a heavy load (50000+ lbs.), MUST have beacons on your truck and have them running.

Realistic Division Policies:
Coming Soon

* No reporting company drivers go to head of security the owner or management.
* If you have a problem with anyone go to an admin in private.
* DO NOT talk about an issue in front of non management.

Company Terms:
* Rules will be posted as seen fit to be added
* Follow all Discord rules and guidelines
* Follow all Truckers MP rules and guidelines
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