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Southern Freight Trucking

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Welcome To Southern Freight Trucking !
Established on Aug 28th, 2019 we are a group of trucking simulation enthusiasts that come from all parts of the world. We are actual drivers and virtual drivers that have a common interest, gaming ! We are more than a VTC we are a family and community, Whether you are a serious trucker wanting to lay down some serious miles or casual and a laid back driver just driving for fun we would love to have you, but disrespect and drama within our company will NOT be tolerated no if's, and's or buts about it !!!! (For now we only run and count miles on ATS but it is possible we will expand to ETS2)

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 10 000 mi
Real Race

Southern Freight Trucking Rules:

1) All drivers and staff must follow ALL TruckersMP Rules. Any Violation will result in disciplinary at the discretion of the Southern Freight Trucking Management Team.
Certain exceptions are given when in company convoys.

2) Show respect to ALL members of Southern Freight Trucking. If you have an issue with another member, bring it to the attention of the Southern Freight Trucking Management quietly and quickly.

3) If there is any sign of racism, homophobia, or xenophobia it will be immediately dealt with, you will be given one warning then if it happens again you WILL BE immediately removed from Southern Freight Trucking.

4) Keep swearing down to a minimum during company activities. We aren't a church, but we also aren't a bar. Be mindful.

5) There will be no VTC freelancing. You get one return, you will not get your rank restored, if you leave again you will not be welcome back (However if it is for real life reasons that is a different story all together).

6) There will be no poaching of other VTC's members. We do not want it done to us, so we will show respect to other companies and refrain from doing it to them.

Driving rules:

1) All drivers and staff must not exceed 80 MPH in ATS (Multiplayer and Single player) because as long as you have your TrucksBook open it will register your speed !

2) When entering a city, speed limits must be followed at all times

3) Traffic lights are treated as yield signs/give way signs.

4) Lanes must be held at all times

5) Indicators/blinkers must be used (Flashers must be used when going less than 45 MPH on ATS. Blinkers don't have to be used in designated parking spots

6) Respect ALL other drivers that may be around you at ALL times as disrespect within this company will NOT be tolerated !

Convoy Rules:

1) Non-collision zones will be treated as a collision zone
Upon entry/exit to depot hazards must be used
DO NOT drive through our drivers (Or any others that may be around if it all possible)
YOU MUST wait in order you enter depot to load cargo

2) There will be NO overtaking. The order we leaving the staging area is the order the convoy stays in until otherwise said by the Convoy Manager.

2) To mitigate radio chatter, Priority Speaker will be granted to the Convoy Manager.

3) Instructions from the Convoy Manager during convoys are to be followed immediately. Habitual disregard of instructions will result in restrictions in future convoy participation.

4) Trucks must keep between 75-125 meters distance between you and the person in front of you to avoid collisions due to disconnects, lag, etc.

5) The convoy should not stop during its route. This Includes, but is not limited to, fuel, stop signs, and red lights, however if someone needs fuel let the convoy know.

6) If traffic will interfere with the convoy, then an exception of the red light/stop sign rule will be made. This is at the discretion of convoy management only.

7) During convoys, railroad crossings can cause the convoy to stop. If the convoy is split, then a convoy manager should take the head of the line and lead all trucks to the nearest rest area or gas station to meetup again.

8} When the convoy commander states “CONVOY CHAT” everyone should be silent and await the next convoy instruction.

9) Convoys on exits of turns will now go no faster than 45mph ATS until the last person of the convoy has stated they are caught up.

These are our operating rules, they are subject to change. It is up to you to stay up to date.