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The company was dissolved!


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ATS Award TOP km - November 2019
ATS Award TOP km - September 2019
Company Description

We do monthly giveaways and more!

We are a Company / Gaming group. We love ATS along with many other games. For the most part we are laid back and enjoy each others company. We expect our members to follow the rules of our company as well as the rules of TruckersMP . If you feel you cannot follow the rules then this Company / Gaming group is not for you. We reserve the right to Dismiss you from the group at any time. It is a privilege to be apart of this group, not a right. All new employees will go through a short training period so management can evaluate them before granting full employment status. Please read all company rules below.

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit

1. We do not tolerate drama within our company. If you want a hardcore competitive company this is not for you. If you complain about other drivers in the company not driving, then we don't want you. Join us because you enjoy playing with other people.

2. Must be 16 years or older.

3. Company tag must be displayed at all times. First offence without tags is a warning, second offence is dismissal from the company. You are with PALADIN LOGISTICS USA, represented proudly by you.

4. Please make sure your discord name matches your ATS in game name and Trucks Book name. This can prevent any confusion that may occur.

5. We expect all our members to be respectful at all times. Please be kind and rewind. This means absolutely no trolling. (There is adult talk in our Discord, however if a member feels attacked or threatened, then the adult talk has went to far and actions will be taken depending on the situation)

6. We do not recruit from other companies, unless approached by an individual wanting to join.

7. No spamming of any kind will be tolerated.

8. No hacking / cheating is acceptable in this group!

9. Management is here to help lead, please listen to them and follow their instructions.

10. No politics please.

11. Please try and keep speed under 80 mph. We want real miles, not race miles.