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Driven by Coffee

Company Management
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Company Description
Here at Driven by Coffee we are a trucking company who value coffee in a community. We will need you to work in a team to help get that coffee out there. Our employees include streamers and 1 or 2 TFM Radio show hosts such as DJ Jay. you can see him live on or Twitch at Week days from 10am UK time. We run VTC monthly convoys.

Please note VTC hopping is not is not allowed. If we notice you have been in an allies VTC previously be for applying we will reject the application no exceptions.
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 100 km
American Truck Simulator No limit
Company Rules

1. NO chat abuse/Spam of any sort allowed.

2. No attempting to manipulate/cheat the VTC system.

3. Always be friendly and courteous to others in the company both in chat and on the road (Including CB). Remember, you represent the company, not just yourself.

4. Always be friendly and courteous to others on the road if somebody flashes their lights/horn to say "Hello" please flash/horn back. Remember, you represent the company and not just yourself any reports or bans given for breaking TMP rules may get you fired / dismissed from the VTC.

While tracking for the company on Multiplayer, make sure you use the tag "Driven by Coffee" or "DbC" (not mandatory, but recommended)

Any infringement of the above rules may result in dismissal from the company, at the discretion of management team.

By joining the company you are accepting/agreeing and understanding you have read these rules and claiming you did not know the rules is not an excuse.
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