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Company Description
WayFinder Transport är ett Internationellt företag och vi letar alltid efter nya förare som är seriösa och verkligen vill köra lastbil och umgås med kollegorna! Vi inom WayFinder kommer inte ställa krav på hur många laster du skall köra varje vecka det avgör du själv :)

Vi är ett utav få Svenska VTC:er som är "Validerade" av TruckersMP, det innebär att vi är en seriöst VTC som tar hand om våra medlemmar!
Har du frågor så är du alltid välkommen att ansluta dig till våran discord vi finns där för dig!

Så tveka inte ansök redan i dag, i morrn kan det vara försent!

WayFinder Transport is an international company and we are always looking for new drivers who are serious and really want to drive and hang out with their colleagues! We at WayFinder will not demand on how many loads you should drive each week, you will decides that. :)

We are one of the few Swedish VTC:s that are "Validated" by TruckersMP, that means that we are a serious VTC that takes care of our members!
If you have any questions, you are always welcome to join our discord we are there for you!

So don't hesitate to apply today, it might be too late tomorrow!
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
The rules posted on our discord server will always apply if any contradictions

1. Employees
1.1 All kind of bulling and harassment if forbidden and will be reported to the police.

1.2 The name of this VTC is “WayFinder Transport” or "WayFinder" in short, WFT in abbreviation (hence after called “company”).

1.3 The games are here for fun, so have fun but not on any others account.

1.4 You play when you want, how much you want, this company doesn't have a monthly quota that you must achieve. However, we want at you tell us if you are going to be absent for a time, otherwise you might get kicked for inactivity.

1.5 Company structure is the following (in falling order):
* Top management: President (P), Vice president (VP) & Executive Officer (EO)
* Middle management: Head of Department (HoD), Division Manager (DM) & Group leaders (GL)
* Worker: Senior Driver (SD), Regular Driver (RD), Junior Driver (JD) & Trainee (T)

1.6 The term “Employees” includes all in the company structure, from “President” to “Trainee”.

1.7 Decisions and warnings can be appeal against upwards in the company chain. A decision and/or warning given by the president can’t be appealed.

1.8 As “Trainee” your logs are more scrutinised for speed and/or other rule violations. In order for a trainee to advance they need to have driven at least twice with members from management. These drives can be conducted during the whole trainee period.

1.9 Ladder of advancement:
* From Trainee to Junior Driver: 30.000 km (18642 mi) totally driven at this company.
* From Junior driver to Regular Driver: 75.000 km (46603 mi) totally driven at this company.
* From Regular Driver to Senior Driver: 150.000 km (93205 mi) totally driven at this company.

1.10 Top & middle management is requited on a needs basis by the President. Recruitment is often done from “Senior diver” and upwards, these people are often hand picked by the President.

2. Code of Conduct
2.1   An employee shall always have a nice, friendly, professional and unprejudiced tone and attitude towards everyone, both inside and outside the company as long as the employee is associated with this company.

2.2 An employee shall never talk ill and/or degrading about/towards a current, former and/or future employee, other companies and/or employees of those companies.

2.3 In a multiplayer session an employee shall always behave professional as long as they are associated with the company.
* If an employee causes an accident that involves one or more players, the employed guilty party shall immediately apologise to all involved in a polite and calm way, no swearing or using bad words in chat (voice and/or text).
* If an employee are involved (not causing) in an accident, the employee shall be cool, calm and polite, no swearing or using bad words in chat (voice and/or text). If needed feel free to report to the server owners.

2.4 If you are harassed or bullied you shall as quickly as possible contact “Top Management” in “private message”. Members of “Top Management” shall A.S.A.P. contact other members of the group in our closed chat and brief about the current event. Investigation and assessments will follow.

2.5 The official language of this VTC is English, there are a channel where Swedish is allowed to talk/write, in other channels the official language shall be used.

3. The Company
3.1 An employee shall not exceed the speed of 95 km/h (60 mi/h) in ETS2 or 120 km/h (75 mi/h) in ATS. Too many speed violations will result in a warning from management.

3.2 Employees may use any truck and/or trailer they want in the game. The truck and trailer must be panted in “company colours” (see. 3.3 and 3.4) for the duration of the employment. This also applies to single player if screen dumps are shared.

3.3 Company colours for trucks is found on Discord, #paint, company colours shall be used by all employers as long as they work for the company.

3.4 Company colours for trailers is found on Discord, #paint, company colours shall be used by all employers as long as they work for the company.

3.5 Company tag in TuckersMP is “WayFinder” in white text.

3.6 Top Management can exempt employees from 3.3 & 3.4 for a short time (e.g. if level requirements in the game is not meet for that scheme). At special events like "Pink Ribbon", "Operation big slur" & "#Work from home", Top Management may decide that skins related to that event may be used, this will always be announced by the top management.

3.7 If an employee resign or gets fired, all association of this company shall be removed (e.g. company colours on truck and trailer, TMP tag, and so on)

4. Department
4.1 This company has different department, these department has a set of special conditions that applies to them and it's members. “HoD” is the ruling body in a department, they are only supersede by the “Top Management” in his division. “HoD” is responsible for everything within it’s department.

4.2 Top management can’t be apart and/or head of a department, if a department is missing a “HoD” then that department is closed. Top management is responsible for requiting “HoD”.

4.3 If a department very large (above 20 workers) the top management may grant HoD to divide its department into divisions and the requirement of "Division Managers" (DM).

4.4 To be able to apply for a Department an worker need a certan rank:
* Junior Driver can apply to "Bulk, Container & Flatbed Department".
* Regular Driver can apply to above and "Reefer Department".
* Senior Driver can apply to all above, "Lowbed Department" or "Haz-Mat Department".

4.5 A worker can only work for one department at any time.

4.6 A work may only be accepted to a department, same or different max 3 times.

4.7 A HoD may recruit a group leader as he see fit from it’s own ranks.

4.8 Departments shall not "steal" or "borrow" one and others drivers.

4.9 A worker may still take any cargo in the game even if they work for a department. However the department can’t add loads that are outside their domain to the statistics (e.g. A worker working for Reefer department may take a Haz-Mat load but neither the Reefer nor Haz-Mat department may add this to there statistics). A list with department “approved” loads is found in their HQ.

5. Management systems
5.1 All employees shall have and use the systems identified by the company as there management systems, they may be internal or 3:rd party system, anyhow all employees shall use them at all times when driving for the company.

5.2 If a system-owner or a representative of the system-owner (moderators, administrators and so on) say/order something, the employee shall comply immediately.

5.3 If an employee violate any system “ToS”, the system-owner and/or a representative of the system-owner (moderators, administrators and so on) may handout any sanctions they see fit. Appealing is done according to there procedures.

5.4 Employee that has received any form of sanction shall immediately report this to there closest manager. The manager shall report this to the “Top management” A.S.A.P.

5.5 A list of used systems will be found upon registration.

6. Rule violation and Sanctions.
6.1 If an employee commits a small violation or repeated speed violations a formal warning will be given. The warning will state that it is a warning so no doubt will arise.

6.2 A warning will always be given by the closest manager. The manager shall always report to “Top management” when a warning is given. This also applies to Top Management team.

6.3 A warning is always active as long as the employee is active in the company.

6.4 An employee may only have five (5) active warnings. If an employee get a sixth warning, they will get fired and it shall follow 3.6

6.5 All decisions about fire/lay-offs is made by the “President” after discussions with members from both middle and top management.

6.6 If an employee commits a serious rule violation, the “Top Management” will convene and decide on a sanction fitting the violation, the “President” will announce the sanction to the employee.
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