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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Monthly Statistics - ETS2
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Company Description
Welcome to RevGaming!

We're really happy you decided to pick us as your VTC and we will go to great lengths to make sure you're satisfied! We are based in the United Kingdom but hire drivers all over the world!

We have staff opportunities too, so if you provide a fantastic impression upon the VTC and staff members alike, we will consider hiring you for a staff role.

This is a no limits, no requirements VTC, so you can drive when you want with no fear of being removed. (Check our rules below for terms on that).

TruckersMP VTC:

However, if you're interested in serious mileage, we cater for that also! We would love to be within the top ranks in the UK and I’m sure you would be too. So if you’re a serious driver, you’re also welcome here!

So what makes us stand out from other VTCs?
We offer Discord Nitro and ETS2/ATS DLCs as a reward to our drivers every month!
Unlike most VTCs, we don’t have a monthly requirement of miles each month.
We have frequent convoys in ETS2 & ATS every week!
We have skins for many trucks including, but not limited to: Renault T, Mercedes Actros MP4, Scania Streamline, Scania R 2016, DAF XF 105, Kenworth W900, International Lonestar and Mack Anthem More are in development right now!
After launching in April 2019, we are extremely adaptable and are always looking for suggestions.

Please read our company rules, all are shown below.

We'd love to have you with us and we promise this will be the best VTC you can ever imagine!

Thank you to our donators who help keep RevGaming going:
-Thomas Bali M

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
Our only rules are:
•Please stick under 62MPH/100KMH in ETS2 and 80MPH/130KMH in ATS (Otherwise these will count as speed miles and won't show on our monthly stats on Trucksbook)
•No bullying or hate, let's have fun!
•When you have joined the company, please join our discord server so we can communicate and show you events such as convoys. If you don't then we'll have no option but to kick you from the company.
•To gain access to our company skins, 5,000 regular miles (not speed miles) must be logged first.
•You must be aged 13 or older to join.
•Genuine interest to join the company.
•Being part of another VTC is not permitted whilst being a driver here.

Note: You will be kicked after 2 months of inactivity (If you haven't spoken on the Discord server or logged jobs on Trucksbook). However, if you require more than 2 months off then you can message the staff team and that can be arranged.
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