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Hammer Lane Express

Company Management
Cave Johnson owner
Ducky manager
Modem manager
tanner_otrimble manager
xNocx manager
Snowman007 manager
Jordan Nuckols manager
Kiwitruckin manager
TaderMader representative
Sharkfisher818 dispatcher
JSostorecz dispatcher
Ron Knight dispatcher
HLE Alex Baker dispatcher
Andrew.C dispatcher
Alliedson dispatcher
Tracey H dispatcher
tyler york dispatcher
Shayne Wyatt dispatcher
OfficialLittle dispatcher
PoppaG dispatcher
Todd Champ dispatcher
J Dub dispatcher
spider_pig987 dispatcher
Dalyn Morgan dispatcher
Dillon Walsh dispatcher
Chris Harris dispatcher
Nifty dispatcher
Justin Carney dispatcher
TheSaltyWank dispatcher
ArshSavage dispatcher
logan19192 dispatcher
FreeSand212 dispatcher
Duelatron dispatcher
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American Truck Simulator Monthly Statistics - ATS
Company Description
Turn and Burn, We got money to Earn!

We require you to join on Trucksbook so we can calculate everybody's race miles and real miles. We don't have a speed limit, we don't force dispatch, we haul anything, and everything, we are respectful to everybody on the road.

You must have a mic and be mature, we don't have time for childish games. We hammer down and have fun and we mostly focus on race miles because the freight just cant wait. We have long haul, Regional, Short haul, and Local runnin'. Just take a look in our discord and you'll see what in all we have to offer!

So keep your shiny side up, Rubber side down, and we'll catch ya on the flip side. We're down and rollin' 10-4

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team? Apply for our current openings! 

Step 1: Join Discord to be  setup

Step 2: Put Application into our trucksbook VTC 

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit
List of employees [153]