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Greek Truckers

Company Management
GR78Z owner
Dimitris_Gr_Cy manager
GOM11S manager
johnmp91 manager
mike422 manager
Jason MLW representative
ZuKePillow dispatcher
paulos kanakis dispatcher
Forthewincs dispatcher
vagelis dispatcher
xrikyr dispatcher
Notheumenos dispatcher
giorgostsimpi dispatcher
panos1374 dispatcher
JOHN25tsep dispatcher
Thanos NTK dispatcher
stavros kouklou dispatcher
Vangelis dispatcher
ALEXTRAZA dispatcher
scaniaS1000PS dispatcher
[G.T.M]-andreas dispatcher
giwrgos dispatcher
Phalanx dispatcher
JIMPOS dispatcher
WhiteShadow92 dispatcher
ScaniaKias dispatcher
querly dispatcher
TEODO dispatcher
Mitsos Power dispatcher
angelnick dispatcher
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Overview - ETS2
Current Rank 42nd
Total Distance 770 021 km
Total Deliveries 721
Limit 15 000 km
Real Race
American Truck Simulator Overview - ATS
Current Rank 142nd
Total Distance 23 232 mi
Total Deliveries 58
Limit 9 321 mi
Real Race
Company Description
We are a group eager to cooperate, consisting of many active players. For cooperation between countries and companies (VTC) follow the link THANK YOU.
Company Rules
1. Για συμμετοχή στην ομάδα επιθυμητή ενεργοί παίκτες και άνω των 18 ΕΤΏΝ
2. Ελάχιστα χιλιόμετρα ανά μήνα 15.000

1. For participation in the group of persons over 18 years old. Active players will be appreciated.
2. Minimum mileage per month 15,000

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