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Hey truckers!
Welcome to the official GametechUK VTC, Gametech Logistics. A relaxed, laid back community made up of like-minded gamers.
We are always looking for more drivers, so feel free to apply. If you do, please ensure you come to Discord, along with the GametechUK YouTube channel.
We don’t have many rules, and most importantly, there is no minimum mileage requirement. Just put the miles in when you want to.
If you do join the company please have your passenger window plate saying ‘GAMETECH’ and the drivers window plate saying ‘LOGISTICS’
If you are representing the company on TruckersMP please have your tag as ‘GAMETECH LOGISTICS’ in blue.
We are also only interested in real miles (not race miles) so please see below for help regarding not going over the speed limits!
Thanks for checking out this page, have a great day, and see you on the road.

-----Guide on how to make sure your miles ALWAYS get logged as REAL miles on TrucksBook-----

1. Go to Options in ETS2
2. Go to Gameplay
3. Scroll down to the subsection named TRUCK SETTINGS
4. Make sure that TRUCK SPEED LIMITER is checked
5. Make sure that SMART CRUISE CONTROL is set to Tolerance 0 kmh (o mph)

By having the TRUCK SPEED LIMITER checked, this will stop you from going over 55mph (87kmh).
By having SMART CRUISE CONTROL set to 0 tolerance, this will make sure that the truck constantly stays at the cruise control you have set, even when going downhill gradients.

Race miles DO NOT count towards the companies total in the stats. Real miles are what we need and this will allow you not to have to worry about the journey not counting towards the stats.

-----How to change your "tag" in TruckersMP to Gametech Logistics-----

1. Log onto ETS2 via the TruckersMP program.
2. Connect to any server.
3. When you are in the game, press the "TAB" button on your keyboard. This will then open a new window.
4. Right click on your mouse to allow you to navigate around.
5. Click on the golden settings cog icon.
6. Then in the settings you will find a setting named "player tag", after that you can enter Gametech Logistics as player tag (in front of your name), and set the colour to blue..
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