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Wheeling Vikings

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If you enjoy ETS2, but would like to join a VTC for the added social part, or just want to feel part of something when trucking on the roads - we're the right place. We also log ATS, but currently not "required" to join. :)

Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer.

We have:
We have a website;
We have a Discord;
We have a Dedicated Server; Search for name: "Wheeling Vikings"

Additionally, we have Custom Skins for several trucks and trailers, and will expand on-demand.

We will not throw a ton of rules on you, as long as you respect others and don't drive like a complete lunatic, there's not much else to say.
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
Be nice to everyone. Good karma might drop your way! ;)
When we play online, I'd love if we could try to stick to the traffic rules. Drive as if someone is always watching. Try not to do race jobs, as that won't count towards the VTCs statistics. Not will it be included for the “Employee of the Month”-award on our website. (Maybe enforce the 90 km/h cap? ;))

On the Discord server, rules are simple. As before, just be nice to people! If you have had an incident of any kind, do come to me, and we'll have a chat about it.

Everyone is free to join the Convoy rooms, but if a group of people is already in a convoy room, and you want to join. Ask nicely, if you may join them, but if they say no, please also respect that, and just ask others.
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