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The company was dissolved!

Queens Highway

Company Management
R38per Spike Founder
Company Description
We are a community that has started up on the 30/07/18 made by Spike & W.James together with there experience they will bring 5 years of trucking and farming community experience, where we don't judge you on who you are and what you do as long as your can drive safely. we are a VTC that likes to have a laugh. we are a fun and playful community even though we have rules for respect for everyone who comes on the server. we are not as strict as over vtc's but to join you will need to be 16 and over. (exception can be made by the owners if they feel your adult enough)
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 161 km
American Truck Simulator Limit 100 mi
1.1 Must Log 4 Jobs a Week minimum of 100 miles
1.2 Loads are ONLY counted below 70 mph Any faster and your load maybe refused
1.3 When driving in a convoy follow the leader meaning no overtaking at anytime
1.4 No TMP Bans (With Exceptions depending on the severity)
1.5 3 Warnings Then Evaluation of Person w/ Community Admin
1.6 Do not Argue with Staff.
1.7 Must only be in one VTC (will result in a immediate ban)
1.8 Please make sure you have read the rules on Truckers MP
1.9 Drivers must driver sensible as you are representing QHR