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The company was dissolved!

BillyBob's Trucking

Company Management
Company Description

To apply, please go to our website!

If you apply VIA Truckbooks you will be asked to go to the link above. So if you don't follow its not our fault.

What Is Billy Bobs Trucking?
We act as this is Real life!
We drive proper!
We follow laws!
We are very friendly!
And we love to convoy!
Come join us! 2020 Is a new year! let's make it great!

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator No limit

1. Follow Twitch, YouTube, And TruckersMP TOS!
● Breaking them will result in a removal of the company.
● You will no longer be aloud to join this company.
● If broke the TruckersMP TOS, you will be reported.

2. Do not disrespect others
● Doing so will result in a mute, kick, or ban.

3. Poaching is not allowed here
● Do not send invites to your company or someone else's company.
● If caught you will be banned Immediately.

4. Do not spam
● You will be muted.
● repeated offenders will be kicked.

5. Keep Discord clean
● Don't post shit in wrong channels
● Don't post random shit that doesn't relate to anything.
● No posting random GIFS that don't relate.

6. Be active in the discord and in game
● Must put a minimum of 2000 miles in per month
● You may notify us a reason if you cant. But if you play other games while you say you cant play MP. You will be fired!

7. Drive as you would in real life
● Drive the speed limit!
● Follow all road laws.
● Stay under 80mph.

8. You Must have your tag in game as
● Billy Bobs Trucking
● The color of this tag must be Orange!