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Optional VTC: TruckersMP, Trucky, VTLog, DBus World
Discord: Csh9etE

Air Child is one of only a few charity Virtual Airline and Virtual Trucking Company. With a unique sponsorship program each and every finished flight and driven kilometer is counting towards real funds gathered for UNICEF. More about that is below.

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How it all began...

Air Child Virtual Airline was established in May 2007 by two people who met randomly on a flight simulation forum and were both driven by the same motivation: combining their hobby with a purpose reaching beyond the virtual world of simulation. After a couple of e-mails and phone calls to the German UNICEF section, the goal was clear: a virtual airline based on a sponsorship system for the benefit of UNICEF. The desire to help children in need should be the heart and the passion behind all activities of the airline, so there was no doubt about the name: Air Child.

With this concept in mind, some basic principles of the new airline formed instantly:
Air Child should ...
- offer a friendly, open-minded atmosphere with a professional background
- be a non-restrictive virtual company for everybody, with a flat organizational structure
- create an attractive and user-friendly environment with features not to be found in many other VC's
- be constantly defined and developed by its members
- strive to become a major VA in the flight simulation community and VTC in the truck simulation community

Around six months later we counted more than a dozen pilots who regularly tested the airline's infrastructure, did countless test flights, commented, and invented new features. In September 2008 public beta tests were launched with a registration site. As a result, almost 80 people registered for the tests, with about 50 doing regular flights and giving feedback. In June 2009 Air Child finally opened its doors to the public, after more than two years in development. The site still isn't finished, and we hope it never will be. What you see today is only the base of what Air Child may become in the future. A future that is up to you. As long as you keep giving us feedback, submit your wishes, and communicate with fellow pilots and staff members, Air Child will continue to grow and become your airline.

Air Child will always be as open as possible. The majority of content on the website is visible to the public. We are no elitist flying club that closes the window blinds for the public and leaves nothing but a registration form. People who wish to join Air Child shall be allowed to have more than just a peek at what's happening inside.
Air Child will always be formed by its members, not by its management. If you want to contribute to the development and structure of the company, just go ahead. We don't have a jobs page and no official positions to assign. If you regularly contribute to the VA with new ideas or repaints or coding help or any kind of feedback, you may eventually find yourself being a part of the staff. Just like that.
Air Child will always have as few regulations as possible and just as much as necessary. In every community, rules are the base for getting along with each other. But as long as the members of a community find their own rules by use of common sense, there's no need for a flood of regulations issued by the management. Just follow one golden rule: Respect each other!

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Air Child on the road

Starting small in late 2023, we are testing new opportunities for expanding our reach in the simulation community. Apart from being a virtual pilot now you can become a virtual trucker. Our goals will stay the same: have fun and spread good vibes, while igniting ideas through community. And small part of that is our sponsorship program targeted for helping children all around the world.

In our adventures we still try to adapt to the very same principle as in virtual aviation: as real as it gets. Thus we are trying to drive as real as possible, obeying all road rules, traffic signs, and other regulations (like pilot/police/mod commands on TruckersMP). While you can play as you want, for our sponsorship/charity program only contracts finished under realistic rules will be counted.

For charity program racing miles will not count, thus we strongly suggest driving within speed limits of 100 kph (62 mph) in ETS2 or 130 kph (80 mph) in ATS.

For the charity program our Sponsors will be asked to transfer their chosen amount of cash to UNICEF for each logged 1000km (ETS2) or 621 miles (ATS).

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Air Child offers a sponsoring program to support the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF. In fact the whole idea of Air Child is focused around this concept. UNICEF activities cover health care, education and protection for children all over the world as well as a continuous struggle for children's rights.

How does it work?
(This part is about the Airline part of the Company, but (hopefully) will be expanded to cover also driven distance in truck simulators.)
Although one major purpose of our virtual company is to generate money for UNICEF (that is: as much money as possible!), we decided not to charge any of our members. Instead we would like to invite everyone, especially companies of any description, to take part in this charity program. So how does that work? Basically, it's very easy. As a sponsoring partner, you will be paying a certain amount of money for every single flight that is completed (and reported) by Air Child pilots. This can be as low as 1 Cent or as much as 1 Euro per flight. It's all up to you. You tell us the base, we calculate the total. Every three months we will send you an e-mail, showing the total number of flights during this period and the total amount of money you will have to send to UNICEF.
Right, it's your own responsibility to transfer the money. This way you can be perfectly sure that the whole money goes to UNICEF and not a single cent stays with us. (Of course, we will give you all the necessary information on what to do and how.)

How much will it cost me?

"Now, how many flights would that be", you may ask, "and how can I make sure it's not going to cost me thousands of euros each month?" Simple, too: just set a limit. For example, you agree to pay 0.5 cent for each reported flight but limit it to a maximum of 5€ a month. That means, starting with flight number 1001, you'll not be charged anymore. If there's only 600 flights that month, you'll only pay 3€.

What will I get?

First of all, and regardless of how much money you give to UNICEF, you'll get the great feeling of helping children to have a better life and a future to look forward to. Apart from that (and apart from a receipt which will be sent directly by UNICEF) you'll get a dedicated place on our website showing your name (if you're a single person) or your company logo as well as a link to your own website (if you wish). Though not much, this is a good way to show to others that you care. And that's not the worst thing.
By the way: no one will get to see how much money you have actually accumulated and transferred. All we are publishing is the total of all sponsoring transfers every three months.

What if I have no money?

As long as you're a registered pilot you will still be a part of the concept. Just fly as much as you can and report your flights. The more flights you do the more money goes to UNICEF. It's that easy. So start your engines and be sure that you'll not only have fun in a virtual world but also contribute to something really useful in the real world.

Who can be a sponsoring partner?

Everyone can. Be it a company, a club or a single person. If you are interested in taking part, just drop us a note. We will send you further information along with your personal access to the restricted Air Child partner zone.

Go ahead, be our new sponsoring partner!
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
For charity program racing miles will not count, thus we strongly suggest driving within speed limits of 100 kph (62 mph) in ETS2 or 130 kph (80 mph) in ATS.

Rules? Let's see... That will be only one strict rule: Respect each other!

Other things are mere suggestions:
- obey traffic rules,
- obey server rules if you are driving using any form of multiplayer,
- use the ACH member number on the license plate in the corner of window,
- use company colors for your trucks and trailers: white (#FFFFFF), light blue (#0099FF), dark blue (#0069B1), orange (#FF7F00).

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