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Welcome to REAL Trucking VTC. We have been successful right since our inception in giving our drivers the best virtual trucking experience by presenting them a lenient driving schedule and simultaneously rewarding them in pounds. Yes, we beg to differ from all other VTCs that make tall claims and give drivers nothing in return. As such, we are a driver-centric VTC in paying our drivers their well deserved prize money on monthly basis. If you desire to join our team of drivers you have to meet certain conditions as prerequisites. This will also enable us shortlist you from other applicants with ease. So if you are or have faced driving ban at TruckersMP then please do not apply. If you do not find yourself suitable enough to fulfill the minimum 3000 miles limit in a month, then do not apply. All other trucking aspirants are free to apply through applications on prominent VTC platforms.
As of now we are a company of 150 members. Headquartered in East London, UK, we strive to be one of the best VTC that you have ever dreamt to associate with as a driver. Currently we are underway in joining hands with a top notch logistic company situated in Dublin, Ireland. Our community has been consistent in making our array of drivers happy by building them a solid platform that renders them a free hand in realistic trucking.
Company Rules
Limit 4 828 km
ETS2 Limit 4 828 km
ATS Limit 3 000 mi
Rule 1.
All Drivers are too log at least 3000 miles in one month and every month.
Failure to log 3000 miles in a month will mean you are not an active driver and you will be removed from the VTC.

Rule 2.
All drivers and staff are required to join the Discord server as this is our primary and only source of communication with all members.

Although doing Race miles is not against the rules only real miles count towards the leaderboards, Race Miles will not be included in Rule 1 meaning Race miles do not go towards your 3000 Mile log.

Kerry and Bobby
Joint Ownership of Real Trucking VTC
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