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Here at Viking Transport Company our drivers enjoy a chilled and relaxed company that can have their miles count towards something whether you drive in ETS/ATS Single/Multi-Player Wherever your Trucking as long as your smiling. We pride ourselves in setting a standard that is welcoming and positive, which is why drivers only have to commit 660 miles a month in real miles.

We will soon also have a G-Portal sponsored Convoy server, along with company truck colour scheme and trailer skins that will be given to all drivers and can be used across all areas of SCS games (TMP, Server and Single Player).

Links to our community discord and Theaverageviking's twitch channel are on the profile main area. In discord, all drivers will have access to a special area just for company members.

Applications are now being accepted so if you're ready to jump in click the application form and apply today!*

Questions are always welcome head over to the discord and send us a message there.

*Managers will try to acknowledge all applications in 24 hours, please bear with us during this time.
Company Rules
Limit 1 062 km
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
Failure to comply with company rules may lead to dismissal.

1) Members must be aged 18+
2) Be nice and respect other members.
3) We prefer that all Members do real miles (62MPH/100KPH, ETS and 80 MPH/130KPH ATS), but Race miles are allowed!
4) English text only please.
5) Don't ask for a promotion.
6) Please only use one user account on Trucks book, discord and any other social media linked to this VTC.
7) Do not bring personal issues with other members into this Company (Drama will not be tolerated)
8) Anyone can share the company link or promote the company on their socials if they so wish.
9) We would love all our Drivers to achieve the miles requirement, should this not be possible (which is fine) please contact a manager to inform them.
10) All Trucksbook rules apply.
11) Drivers are to use the FULL company colours and skins for trucks and trailers when a Multiplayer is being live-streamed on all platforms.
12) Drivers must read and agree to streaming guidelines on discord in our VTC area.
13) Drivers who wish to leave the VTC are expected to inform a trucking manager or rep to discuss your reasons and intention to leave.
14) We would appreciate that the termination would happen at the end of the calendar month where possible, unless otherwise agreed.
15) Inactive members will be dismissed after 3 months of no activity (starting from 30th June 2024) and will be given the option to re apply at a later date.

and most importantly HAVE FUN!
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