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A small VTC run by Merlin65 (originally established in 2019) for those wishing to enjoy ATS & ETS2 primarily as owner drivers who would like to drive with fellow truckers now and then.

All we ask is that you are respectful to other players and do your best to only do 'Real & WoTr' speeds as we feel that racing around the countryside only causes others problems, especially in multiplayer!

While driving as a group on TruckersMP it would be great if you could use the tag VANGARD along with your username, so the rest of us can find you in a crowd!

Our European base is the garage in Mannheim, mainly because it's kind of central on the base map and the workshop is a stones throw away, for all your repairs & little mods etc. Our ATS base garage is in Las Vegas.

Keep it light and you're more than welcome to join us in our Discord voice channels, if you wish.

Don't forget to click the Discord link on the left, to see your logged jobs in our server channel!

Be a part of the Journey!

Drive Safe
Company Rules
Limit 1 000 km
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
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