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Fast Lane Express

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Company Description
Here at Fast Lane Express, we don't worry about minimum miles a month, speed, or skill. So whatever your experience, FLE is the right VTC for you. We are a friendly VTC, we don't look to become big but to become a VTC that is known to be relaxed and active.

We are looking for drivers 14 and above, must be willing to drive in company colours at events although you can use your own colours if you are free roaming around TMP. Must use the "FLE" tag in game.

A very relaxed VTC when it comes to rules as long as you're respectful towards other drivers within the company and on the road. If there are any problems please feel free to contact the relevant people within our discord.
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 No limit
ATS No limit
Must 14+
Abide By TruckersMP Rules At ALL Times
Abide By Discord Rules At ALL Times
Must Use Our Tag In-game At ALL Times
Must NOT Have More Than 2 Bans On TruckersMP
You MUST Use Our Truck & Trailer Design At Events
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