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Boomer’s Trucknado Transport

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Boomer’s Trucknado Transport is largely comprised of current and former truck drivers from all over the world.

We focus on simulating real-world truck driving by following posted speed limits and all traffic laws. If you're interested in joining a community of truck drivers, even if you have no real-world experience, join us.

The Boomer's Gamers Discord server is full of helpful folks where you can get assistance with all things trucking sim related.

Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 Limit 12 000 km
ATS Limit 10 000 mi
1. Set up free TrucksBook account (Premium account optional)
2. Have the TrucksBook app installed and active on your PC
3. Mileage Limits are not requirements, but rather, goals to aspire to
4. Joining BoomerGamer's Discord is required and the only way to gain access to our custom skins and mods. Discord is a better platform for communicating via the dedicated VTC section of Discord.
5. Your Discord name (handle) must match your TrucksBook name.
6. Have fun

1. Do not exceed posted speed limits, or 80 mph/100 kph.
2. Don't drive recklessly
3. Be respectful to other VTC members
4. Have fun


Once someone has joined the VTC and joined the Discord server, they will be given the VTC Recruit role in the Discord to indicate their probationary status.

Recruits have limited access to the VTC area of the Discord server. They still have access to all other areas of the server in accordance with their other roles.

Recruits will be required to log at least 10,000 Real miles in ATS or at least 12,000 Real kilometers in ETS2 for two consecutive months before they can advance to the VTC Crew role.

Recruits can log these miles/kilometers in either game, so long as they log the required miles/kilometers in at least one of the games in two consecutive months as recorded by TrucksBook.

A Recruit could log 10,000+ miles in ATS in one of the months and log 12,000+ kilometers in ETS2 in the other month if they wish. Or, they could log all of the miles/kilometers in one game.

Race miles/kilometers do not count!

VTC Recruits will have access to the same Discord areas as VTC Crew, with the exception of VTC ATS Mods, VTC ETS2 Mods, and VTC Dedicated Servers channels.

VTC Recruits are eligible to win top driver status; however, they are not eligible to win a custom truck skin during their probationary period. Other rewards are still available per the VTC Rewards Schedule in the Discord.

Once Recruits meet the requirements of their probationary period, they will earn their VTC Crew role and access to the BTT Public skins, the ability to convoy with other members on the VTC dedicated servers, and will be eligible to win a custom truck skin.

If a member of the VTC leaves but returns within 30 days, they will return to the VTC Crew role if they already had it. After 30-days, they will restart as a Recruit and be subject to the same criteria as a new recruit.
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