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Palms Logistics LLC

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> Hi, Bob here, and welcome to Palms Logistics. It would seem to be that we grabbed your attention, but you might be asking many questions about Palms Logistics and what we have to offer. In that case, let me tell you some information about us and hopefully answer some of your questions.
> Palms Logistics is a company that strives for the utmost realism. Here at Palms, we drive our trucks exactly like how a real world professional truck driver would drive their truck. We treat trucking as if our lives depend on it. We follow every road law that has been set on the roads. To list a few examples:
- When hauling any type of HAZARDOUS cargo, we take caution to extreme levels. Eyes are constantly on vehicles on the road, prepared to emergency brake and take a split second created escape route to avoid collision, stop and listen for trains at every single railroad that needs to be crossed, etc.
- When hauling any type of heavy cargo, we make sure that both truck and trailer are fully repaired and fuel tanks are topped off. We take extra wide turns and if escorts are available, we won’t hesitate to take the opportunity.
> We follow all speed limits everywhere we run, although there are some exceptions. Those exceptions can be found in our rules section.
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 No limit
ATS Limit 1 000 mi
- Follow all our rules.
- Follow all laws of the road.
- For American Truck Simulator, follow all speeds and keep speed UNDER 80mph. Preferably max out speed at 75mph, but understood if needed to go over 75mph. Just try not to hit and/or go over 80mph.
- For Euro Truck Simulator 2, follow all speed limits and keep speeds UNDER 100kmh. Preferably max out at a speed of 95kmh, but understood if needed to go over 95kmh. Just try not to hit and/or go over 100kmh. HOWEVER, while trucking in TruckersMP, speed limits can be ignored in order to keep the constant flow of traffic. Just try not to hit and/or go over 100kmh.
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