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The company was dissolved!

VC Logistics

Company Management
CHANDLER8851 Founder
Company Description
We try to create a REALISTIC environment for all are drivers and people around us a place to drive & have realistic fun and explore with friends. just get a load & haul and have fun just act mature and follow the rules we Support Realistic Gameplay if you don't feel free to NOT apply. Company colors are Blue Orange and Green horizon Combo can be used however you like. You don't have to use are colours But you Must display VC Logistics tag in username!
If you've been kicked from another VTC, DO NOT APPLY!
We are a Drama Free Company.
If all of this applies to you or you interested FEEL FREE TO APPLY Wed love to have you.
Are Company has a 2Week Probationary Period if it all works out it'll be official

Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 3 000 mi
Everyone Have Fun And Keep It Realistic Just Remember When Your Out There Your Representing
VC Logistics (We Haul For You) and if anyone has problems or concerns take it up with Chandler115, Wait On Dreazys or vindzy have a great Day/Night JOIN VC Logistics Where the Tires Are Dirty and The Spirits are clean