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Dirty South Outlaws

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Company Description
Is it time for a change consider Dirty South Outlaws were we ride with pride together to burn up the roads.
This company is all about compassion and riding together with pride, family, and most importantly respect toward others.
We as a company enjoy gaming like everyone else with no drama just ride.

Consider us Dirty South Outlaws
Company Rules
Limit 8 851 km
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No limit
American Truck Simulator Limit 5 500 mi
Joining The Dirty South Outlaws.
*Apply for Dirty South Outlaws on
* Join our discord
* Everyone is accepted

Outlaws Requirements
* Trucksbook Client
* Must be 16+ (No Question)
* Discord
* ATS DLC (optional)
* TruckersMP Mod (optional)
* TruckersMP D.S.O Tag either visible purple
* Trucky or Speditor load App (Both optional)

The Family Rules
* No Racist act will be tolerated
* No Drama in discord
* Respect ALL Drivers
* Miles requirement is optimal if talked to FP or VP
* one last RULE keep it OUTLAW and burn up the roads