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Black Magic Trucking

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Welcome to Black Magic Trucking!

We're an international company based out of the USA, but we have satellite offices in both Canada and Norway.

BMT is not just a company, we are also a family.

We drive both Real and Racing miles with extra perks given for Real miles.

Here at BMT, there will never be a minimum mileage requirement per month. We're all about just driving and having fun.

Your miles for BMT will count in both single player and MP, and we play both ATS and ETS2.

We'd love to see this family grow, so send us an application and our management team will get you trucking in no time!
Company Rules
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We are pleased to welcome you all to the BMT family! While we are a very laid back group of individuals, there are some rules that need to be followed. Any violation of these rules will be discussed between management and could result in termination.

1. Always respect other drivers both on the road in MP and in Discord.

2. Absolutely no use of any racist/derogatory terms anywhere within BMT.

3. Respect moderators/admins if playing in MP.

4. Respect management. They do everything they can to keep BMT up and running, so if they’re telling you to do/not to do something, it’s most likely for a reason.

5. Most importantly, have fun! We take our VTC just as seriously as the next company, but at the end of the day we’re all like-minded individuals who just enjoy playing ATS and ETS2. Whether you’re trucking alone or with a convoy always remember Rule 5!

Of course, if you happen to catch something that management misses, please reach out to us on the side and we will resolve the issue. Now let’s get out there and drive!
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