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ВТК "Восход"

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Русско-язычная компания, которая выполняет как одиночные перевозки грузов, так и создает конвои в TruckersMP для совместных перевозок внешних грузов от World of Trucks.
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 Limit 2 000 km
Real + Race
ATS Limit 2 000 mi
Real + Race
VTC Rules
Our rules for joining virtual drivers and employees in VTC are simple:

1. The driver MUST:
1.1. Be registered on our website, TruckersMP and
1.2. Have all DLC cards, DLC Heavy Cargo pack and DLC Special Transport. We use seasonal mods from Grimes in both simulators.
1.3. Be at the age of 16+;
1.4. Know and apply traffic rules on the roads;
1.5. Have driving experience in multiplayer (TruckersMP) over 50 real hours;
1.6. Be able to keep the speed at which the convoy is moving;
1.7. Be able to keep a distance between cars of at least 50-70 meters;
1.8. Deliver the cargo in integrity and safety to the point of unloading.

2. The driver is PROHIBITED:

2.1. Perform maneuvers in the convoy that can lead to mass collisions and accidents with other players;
2.2. Offend the administration of the site and future drivers, use obscene
language on the radio, both in Discord and in the in-game walkie-talkie.


3.1. An employee may be dismissed from the company for the following reasons:
3.2. If he has violated at least one of the company's rules.
3.3. If you have not been active in the company's events for one week.
3.4. If he has a desire to switch to another VTC.
3.5. If the employee/ driver of the company has been absent for more than 30 days.
3.6. For not meeting the minimum required distance in TrucksBook.
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